HOLY WEEK (summer getaway)

Holy Week (April 2 - 5, 2015)

During the holy week, We went to our province and we had a lot of fun. It was definitely a chance for us to enjoy our week and bond together. We went to this very nice springs called 'Mainit Springs' it was a flowing water at the foot of a inactive volcano. Because my family is so adventurous we went higher and saw a mini water fall and it was relaxing and it gave as a chance to bond as a family.

As we enter Mainit Springs

Here's a candid picture of me, as I laugh because of how I scared I was that something might grab me lol

Another shameless pose for me. The water was blissfully cold. brrr

We all struggled in this pic because the rocks were so big and slippery.

P.S. never miss outings like this with your family. Adventures with the people you love are the best kind of adventure.

Yours truly, LOREN


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