The Vegan Express

The Vegan Express!

Hello! Today's blog will be all about my blog collaboration with my dear friend, Mielle. She's inspired me to take so much risks and do things that I've never done before and this blog is just one of those things. Check her out on her blog This is Mielle

P.S. if you wanna collab, feel free to message me!

Maybe some of you are wondering and maybe some of you already know, My friend, Mielle is a vegan. Yes, you read it right! She's a V E G A N. Vegan is a person who abstain from the use of animal products, particularly in diet and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. She has been a vegan for more than a year now and you wouldn't believe how much veganism has impacted our friendship.

Disclaimer: you don't have to be vegan. It's really a matter of choice. It may be a lifestyle or your advocacy. I, in my perspective, respect whatever your lifestyle, advocacy or philosophy is. Be kind to one another. Show some love.

For starters, some make up brands produce make up products that they do not test on animals. In short, the product is animal cruelty-free. One of these products is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade! My friend has been using this for almost a year now and her feedback on this product is overwhelming. Besides the fact that it is long-lasting and smudge-proof, this product is also conscience-free! You never have to worry of the animals dying just because of your perfectly arched brows. (No pun intended)

 The next product is the ever so phenomenal, Kylie Cosmetics. Since this product went out on the market, almost every girl in the world who knew Kylie Jenner wanted to get a hold of the new cosmetics that she called the "Kylie Lipkits." Inside a Kylie Lipkit is a matte liquid lipstick and a pencil lip liner. I know this product has been the hype of 2016 and though it might be really pricey, we millennials have embraced Kylie and her line openly.

To the affordable products, we have the NYX soft matte lip creme. I cannot believe how good this product is! It's cruelty-free, the product has good formula and its very affordable! Worth every single peso!

Then, we have the Wet 'n Wild lipsticks. Let me take this moment to rave how much I love this brand. Wet 'n Wild has all its products cruelty-free! These brands never test on animals and you can even google it right now! According to Wet 'n Wild, they believe in beauty without cruelty and not only are their products cruelty-free but some of their products are vegan too! Check their site out!

One night, Mielle chatted us and raved to us about Nourish Cebu. If you've never heard about this, Nourish Cebu is this restaurant online wherein you order your meal, whether its lunch or dinner. They actually deliver the food right where you are or you could pick it up at Echostore Cebu. According to the founders of Nourish, "Nourish is a plant-based meal delivery service with a focus on clean and enjoyable eating, NOT dieting."

Visit their website!

These delicious and healthy treats are from Mooshi! This is probably one of Mielle's go-to vegan places. She's ranted this to me so many times and if you know her really well, you'll understand that she talks about Mooshi a lot.

You can also choose to make your drinks & meals vegan too! You can alternate milk with soy, and  take out any animal products that is mixed in the meal. Do not worry! It's all equally delicious.

 Who says Pasta can't be considered vegan? There are actually some restaurants that have vegan-based meals on their menu! You gotta have a keen eye for menus if you wanna discover it! One of these restaurants that my friends and I enjoy going to is Brique. Their Pasta is delicious!

Lastly, VEGAN DONUTS. This is my personal favorite. You can actually buy them at Rustans Ayala, near the grocery. Mielle found out about this because of our dear friend, Nico who happens to know the owner of the said establishment who sells these delicious and affordable vegan donuts! You. Must. Try. It.

Below are Mielle's Favorite Vegan Dishes:
  •   Vegan Burgers, Baked Potatoes, Smoothie Bowls, Pasta (pancit), Vegetable stir fry with rice and lots (she means it) of spinach

Aside from these, Mielle has shared to me documentaries and lectures that teach us about Veganism and the truth about animal slaughter. These that I wanna share with you. I have watched some of these but I've heard it all from Mielle. Nonetheless, it has made me conscious and woke about our world today. Though I know how tasty meat is, being vegan is not that bad at all!

Documentaries to watch:
  • Earthlings
  • Cowspiracy
  • Forks over Knives
  • Blackfish
  • True Cost
  • Racing Extinction 
Lectures to watch:

Mielle's advocacy on Veganism has taught me so much about the world and our society. Though it hasn't changed my view on eating meat, it has given me the respect to pay for the people who are fighting for a cause. In my own little meat eating ways, I can help in saving the world, and apparently you can too! Do not be afraid of trying and experimenting on things you are unfamiliar about (except if its not safe for you of course) because taking risks can take you to places.

Be kind to everyone. Be humble to the world.

(photos courtesy of Enbielle (Mielle) Luna)

Yours truly, L O R E N


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