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Hello! Today, I have chosen to write a journal blog post, I was inspired to do it since I haven't been writing lately because of so much school work even though its only been week 3 since school started. And I just had the idea to mix both! Writing and school all into one! This blog is an inside scoop of the life of an average senior high school student that is basically my life. I hope you enjoy! xx

The Basics

I am currently a grade 12 student in Cebu Doctors' University. I have been in CDU since just last year when I was in grade 11. I am in the Humanities and Social Sciences or HUMSS strand. I am planning to take up Psychology as my College Program when I finish Senior High.

The First Part

 As the school year began and I got to wear my new school uniform for the very first time, it was refreshing to try something new, while I was looking at myself through my mirror I couldn't help but notice a new vibe while I was in my new uniform. I didn't appreciate it at first, I didn't even quite like the way I look in it. Maybe because I was so used to wearing my old school uniform that I was hesitating to try something new and embrace it.
 As the days came and passed, I have slowly examined every part of the garment that I wore 5 times a week. I've reminded myself a couple of times that as I wear this uniform, I carry the name of my school with me, that's when I realized how everything in my uniform just fit perfectly altogether. As of today, I am confident when I wear my uniform, I feel like am bringing pride to my school's name, giving it justice, giving it my best applaud.

Survival Guide:

 I think being in a new environment can be refreshing but at the same time, scary. But trying out new things isn't something you should be scared of doing. Taking risks should be a priority for you. When an opportunity knocks, you must answer it! You're starting anew and what better way to do it than taking on things and experiences you've never had before.

Since we're all new to this K - 12 curriculum, we all have to adjust, though we don't want to. But somehow, someway it benefits us. It makes us understand all these changes happening to us and though it is a struggle at first, we'll all end up right where we wanted to be in the future.

 Liberation becomes you. New school, new life. Understand that the pressure gets tougher than you've imagined. I, myself, experienced this firsthand, and apparently somehow, you have too! With a new environment like CDU, it has its own perks and limitations which I am privileged to enjoy. A lot has changed of me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel like I can express myself more and that I feel more than just a student who goes to school for 5 days straight every week.

New things and new friends shouldn't scare you. You may lose connection with your old friends but its very refreshing to connect with new ones. I believe that with every new person you get to meet, you get to understand yourself more. You get to meet new people with different personalities and it gives you no choice but to deal with it in a way that it helps you. Plus, new friends means new memories, new experiences and so much fun!

 Lastly, be yourself. With all the peer pressure and new exciting things that come ahead, it will really test you to your limits. Be yourself and strengthen your voice and stand firm on it. Channeling out the real you with no hesitation is already confidence itself, and you should never be ashamed of that. No matter what other people say about you, the only one you have to believe is yourself.


Wear your school uniform with pride my fellow Millennials! Speak out your truth and never be ashamed of it. Dream hard and dream big, work for it and achieve it graciously no matter how long it takes, the sky is the limit!

Photography by: Enbielle Luna
Check her out! This is Mielle

Yours truly, LOREN


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