Silver lining

Hi! If you're reading this and maybe you feel bad, depressed or just simply sad, then I need to tell you something; It's gonna get better.

Social media... Teenagers can't get enough of it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a lot more. These sites are fun. You meet new people, a whole new kind of world. As it started, people were so jolly about going in to the site and meet new people, but as people started to know everybody. Everybody started to judge everybody. The way you look, the way you dress, they read your replies, comments, statuses, tweets, posts, just to judge you. Then they start to contradict you. They post bad stuffs about you and even sends you hate comments. To them, it might just go off as a joke, but someone out there is hurting because of their posts. Its okay to have opinions on others, to have a different mindset than theirs. Its okay, to post, tweet, status what you feel to this kind of person or thing. But be sure to always think of the other people's thoughts. You might think and say that you don't care what they say. Okay fine. But what about what they feel? What they feel matters, because feelings are what makes a person. Its normal to hate a person, to dislike them or to have no interest of them at all. But judgement is not gonna bypass it. Judgement will only make you worse. They say, insecurities kill. But for me, I use insecurities to be my inspiration to move on from it. To be a better person, to achieve more rather than keeping all this insecurities to myself. Remember this; YOU MATTER. In all sorts of ways. Never be afraid of what they think of you, be yourself and nothing can disappoint you. Accept the fact that you are you and that you are not just one thing. Accept the fact that you can't please everybody and that you should always put yourself first. Accept that, no matter what you do, someone will always try to bring you down. Accept the fact that you live in this world and there is nothing you can do about it, but there are always things you can change. Change the way you look at people, at things, but most importantly, you. You are part of this cruel society and you an actual chance to chance the society.

If you ever feel bad because of someone, accept the challenge and move on, carry on with life and focus on the good things in life. Focus on your studies, your family, your friends, your life. Focus on whatever is important and what matters, because those who matter don't mind, and those who mind, don't matter.

If you also get the feeling that you're having the bad day, that nothing is going right at the moment, that right now you feel so small and there's not a little feeling of love that you feel, know this: Big things came from small people. Always look at the positive notes on life. Every cloud has a silver lining and everyone has a cloud. Find your silver lining, its not a bad life, its just a bad day. If happiness don't last forever, then so do sadness. Life is a roller coaster so enjoy it. You go up and you go down but the ride never ends. So don't give up, don't hurt yourself because its gonna be great. Life is great and you are wonderful.

Feel proud about who you are because what you are is the best of who you are. Never worry for a bad life, because it's gonna get better.

Yours truly, LOREN

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