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Hello! A little rant before I start. MAKEUP IS HELLA EXPENSIVE. Yes, you read it right. May it be drug store or high end. In the Philippines, it is legit expensive. Figuratively speaking, it makes my wallet cry. Makeup is such a liability. Nonetheless, makeup has changed the game forever, definitely worth it if you choose the good ones.

Makeup doesn't necessarily mean changing how you look like, makeup is just a tool for us to create art and enhance the beauty we are given. Makeup doesn't scream for anyone's attention, but it softly calls for your own appreciation.Its a form of art and self-love, the choice to make yourself look good and feel good in your own skin.

Moving on! For the blog, I have decided to post the Makeup Starter Pack! If you're new and you have no exact ideas on what to buy first. Here it is! The basic products that you're going to want to learn and master as the makeup world evolves. I hope you enjoy!


I have been in a lot of phases in the eyebrow evolution. From thick arched brows to thin natural shaped ones. I have experienced using eyebrow powders and wax, but for me nothing will ever compare to eyebrow pencils. As a newbie before, the pencils were quite a gem up until now.

 * Nichido minerals / precise eye pencil (chestnut)
 * BYS Brow Definition Kit (01 Wow Brows)

 I also recommend;
 * Masters Colours Duo Sculpte Sourcils
 * TheFaceShop Brow lasting ink (Light Brown)

Second Essential ; LIPSTICKS

I believe that a little color on the lips makes your face look brighter, it brings out a different aura from you depending on the shade that you wear. Honestly speaking, I would love to wear daring bold colors but I just can't go to school with neon pink or pitch black lips. You gotta choose the colors that would compliment your look! Like I said, makeup doesn't change what you look like. *wink*

 * NYX soft matte lip creme (London)
 * Pink Sugar (Wicked)
 * Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip (Frick n' Frack)

Third Essential ; POWDER

Powder Foundations, Pressed or Translucent Powders are just as necessary as lipstick as a newbie! You're gonna want to learn how to enhance your skin tone and to start with the whole look, a little powder won't hurt! You also might wanna get into the powder foundation phase before you go into the cream foundations. The two works wonders once you master! I suggest you use powders that are your skin tone or whatever you think works on you! Never be afraid to experiment but also be very careful! And always have it in your bag for emergency! You'll never know when you're gonna need a touch up!

* Nichido Final Powder (Pink Glow)
* L.A. Colors minerals pressed powder (CMP305 natural beige) 
* Maybelline New York Clear Smooth all in one Foundation (02 Nude Beige)

Fourth Essential ; MASCARA

Mascara brings so much drama into your desired look! If you're like me, a person with short lashes, here is your new best friend! Maybelline always has the perfect mascara for everyone! Its very affordable and its in every Watsons' drug store you go in to. Gotta love the Mascara hype!

* Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum' express
* Maybelline New York The Rocket Volum' express
* Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara
* Tony Moly Double Needs Pangpang Mascara

Fifth Essential ; BLUSH

What's a look without a little blush? The thing I love about blushes is that, it always gives your look a subtle kind of vibe. Its definitely a cute trend that MUST go on forever! But be careful when putting on too much of it! Start slow and build it up until you've matched it perfectly with your look!

* Maybelline New York Colorshow blush (Creamy Cinnamon)

-- Here are five essential products I think every newbie should have! These makeups are literally seen in any drug store or makeup stores you go in to. I also do suggest to try different things. These are just some of the products I had when I first began with makeup.

P.S. Self-love is the most essential tool of all! You must be proud of yourself even without the makeup on. Learning to cope up with your flaws and achieving greater things past your physical mistakes is one of the biggest success you'll ever experience! So don't forget to love yourself!

Yours truly, LOREN    


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