People love to dress up, to mix and match outfits that suit their daily activities. As a teenager, its important for me to feel comfortable with what I wear before actually styling it up for my day ahead. I always believed that "Fashion is comfort before style." Yes, even you should be comfortable with what you wear, I believe that confidence shows when you're at the most comfortabl3 place. In this case, your clothes. What you wear will always depend on your mood. If you feel like a lazy person you can wear the simple shirt, shorts/pants then still rock the day with the most comfortable shoes you have. Tip? Never wear shoes that you're not comfortable with, trust me, its gonna hurt your feet, bad.

I decided to pick four outfits in my very messy closet and show you guys how simple clothes can turn you into a model in a runway by mixing and matching it. Well here it goes.
First up, Is this very simple yet girly outfit. I chose a lose crop top from forever 21, and a mustard skirt with a matching belt. I just love this whole outfit because first of all, the crop top is lose, I feel comfortable wearing over-sized shirts or lose tops because its really soft and you don't have to worry about moving freely and having a wardrobe malfunction haha. Next is the skirt, Its mustard and it looks really cute when you match it with black. It gives out a cheeky look that you will love.

This next outfit is one of my faves. I actually wore this outfit 3 times already since I had the clothes. The midriff is from Zara, the pants from Bayo and the shoes from Cotton on. What I love in this outfit is that its very lose and its warm when you wear it. The pants was lose and the midriff was a little bigger for my size lol. When I wear this outfit, I feel so edgy and I feel sophisticated when I go out haha.

To match my outfit (the pic above) I have this cool black and green watch from Guess and I feel really good when I wear it. It adds class to my outfit and it can also match with my other outfits too!

Next outfit? Basic. Basically, Basic is an outfit consisting of two colors; black and white. And I do believe that you can never go wrong with black. My top is not branded so... haha, my ripped shorts and 3/4 polo from Forever 21. When you wear basic outfits, they make you look grand and sophisticated, with this look you'll feel extra classy. And trust me, its a very comfortable outfit.

During sundays, sunday dresses are my thing. Its just so cool and refreshing when you wear them. This dress was only bought for 250php and it looks really classy and cute. It gives a very positive vibe and it can make you look like a happy person (lol) What I like about this outfit is that, you don't have to try hard just to pull off this outfit. There are some dresses that not everyone can pull off, this one is different. I am not a skinny thin person but I think I can pull off this outfit too. So girls, never be afraid to wear dresses like this. No matter how thing or fat you are. You are beautiful.

I just love this shoes so much, almost all my outfits can match this monochromatic shoes of mine. Its actually my favorite because I don't have to worry about my ugly toes lol, definitely comfy and super affordable.

Now, these sandals are one of my favorites too. It makes me feel so girly and so sophisticated. What I love about this sandals is that, The components are really soft and I can wear them anywhere I go. Its really trendy and it can match any outfit I wear.

One of my prized possessions are these shoes. Its sequenced and in a good way haha. It gives me an edgy look and anyone can pull off these type of shoes.

Tip: Never be afraid to try different looks. It may make you or break you as long as you tried your best and you've learned how to dress yourself up. Always remember that you are not only one thing as to you don't have little clothes. You have a lot of clothes. If you have the feeling of changing your wardrobe without throwing stuff away. There is one solution I can give you; Mix n' Match

Yours truly, LOREN


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